Owner: Dong Zhenxiang
Location: 3 Bryant Park

George Wong Design

DaDong is a Chinese cuisine restaurant constructed by Certified of NY, in a glass clad, office style building, located in the Bryant Park neighborhood of midtown Manhattan. The space consists of three levels (ground, 2nd and 3rd floors) including indoor and outdoor (rooftop terrace) dining and bar areas. Floor to ceiling glass curtain walls offer views of a large adjacent garden plaza and the Bryant Park neighborhood from interior areas, as well as the roof top terrace areas.  The 2nd floor roof top terrace consists of an large outdoor bar finished with stucco die walls and stop counter tops. Large wood beam pergolas, capped with glass panels and tempered with low profile overhead heaters allow clientele to enjoy outdoor drinking and dining in most weather conditions. Other features include extra high ceilings, illuminated onyx bar tops, sculptural bamboo structures and strategically placed wood, glass and upholstered screens which offer both a sense of privacy and open feel lounges and dining areas.