Harrison House

Architect: Schappacher/White

The Wallace K Harrison house built in the early 1930’s is a registered national landmark that was turned into a modern masterpiece. The new extension which consists of a lower level and main level had to match in design and architecture to the existing part of the house that was restored. There is a skylight that was designed and built by the famous artist Leger. The priceless skylight was permanently attached to a part of the house that was to be demolished. Certified of New York carefully cut this 5’x7’ skylight out and carefully lifted it by crane and stored it for many months while the extension was being built. With tedious work, and some refurbishing we brought back this priceless skylight and hoisted it back into its final resting spot and looks as if it had never left. For the new extension we had to excavate an extremely large foot print for the new extension. The exterior walls are all made out of cinderblock and stucco and oversized windows. Over 70 pieces of steel were erected to hold the structure above the new lower level and a 3 car garage that sits directly on top of the new state of the art home theater. In order to accommodate the interior structure/design of the house the structure had to be 100% exact, no room for error.