Soho Loft

Architect: Keith Baltimore Design

Due to eclectic design and construction concepts by the designer and owner we collectively put together this 3200 square foot loft showpiece.
Upholstered walls, 11’ mirrored panels and fine millwork put this place together with eccentric wallpaper and antiques throughout. Certified Construction put together, piece by piece a 200 year old 12’ tall travertine fireplace mantle and a 10’ by 14’ 100 plus year old apothecary that had to be cut down and rebuilt in order to fit in the space. It was then repainted to look its age and match the décor in color. Most notably is the amazing coffered tin ceiling that was faux painted to match the antique look of the space, it is a noticeable attraction as people walk down the Soho street and look up in admiration. The space also had entertainment in mind, it is equipped with a state of the art audio visual system.